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1501 F Street, Lincoln, NE, USA

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June 26, 2016
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The full address is:

1501 F St. Apt 1
Lincoln Nebraska 68508

I resided at this address for about 5 years. I paid $335 per month for rent. I often paid my rent a couple months in advance and in the many years that I lived there was hardly, if not never, late making a payment. I am about 99% sure I was her oldest tenant and seen many other tenants come and go. It was a great little place for me while I was attending school. However, it had some issues.

The carpet was old. It would, for a lack of a better term, roll up and this was an issue in every room. I do not think that this carpet had been replaced in at least 15 years.

That wasn't a huge issue though. I rarely entertained guest. I came and went frequently and did not spend much time there. The living room did not have a ceiling light. I was told this was fairly common in apartments that were built long ago so I ended up using the living room space as a glorified storage place. The windows seemed to me to bleed outside air. One windows in the living room would never stay closed and would always spring back open after a while. My fix was to tape up the four edges of a tarp around the window to keep the cool air in during the summer and warm air in during the winter.

The bathroom wasn't in the greatest condition. The shower walls were constructed of about five plastic panels that let water from the shower behind them. Mold was a constant issue because of this. Because the water was so hard, I think, the plastic panels would warp and crack. The Landlords solution was to caulk the cracks rather than replace the thin plastic panels. She stated that it would be to expensive to redo anything, other than the floor which she did, in the bathroom if I did not want my rent to be raised. I was not going to be there forever so I agreed to this solution if my rent remained the same.

Unfortunately around the tub was not the only issue with mold. Every few months or so, I was needing to clean the ceiling due to a black colored mold that would sprout up. That same mold would often grow too behind the toilet. You can tell too that corners were cut with repairs when it came to the paint job.

Sorry to say there was one other issue in the bathroom. Every few months the ceiling in the bathroom above the tub would begin to fall apart. The handy man would come over and just put some plaster or some other compound on that would eventually fall apart in another few months.

The Landlord was good about fixing things that absolutely had to be fixed to work such as the kitchen sink spewing neighbors sewage, broken thermostat, or a caving ceiling. However, I felt that anything I had a concern about beyond that was never addressed if it was to cost her any money.

We now get to my eviction.

I am sorry to say this was not the only time she had been short with me in the past. I think the way this was handled was completely unprofessional. I since then have moved in with friends to complete school and in a place that doesn't have one of the aforementioned issues.

*sigh* That's not all though. This came in the mail for me with my security deposit refund, which in retrospect I should be happy for getting anything back at all.

To my knowledge, in my state, it's illegal to charge a person for cleaning these things. I don't know. I am not a lawyer, thankfully. I am also about 99% sure that she stated she didn't charge for these things too earlier on. My fault for not getting it in writing. I was not even going to write this if I got back everything that was due, but I most certainly feel cheated.

I hope you stumble upon this when Googling this address!

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