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1540 Meade Street, Denver, CO, USA

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April 8, 2018
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I'm pretty surprised to hear these reviews although from the looks of it it seems two people are ganging up to give Jon poor reviews. I have rented from him for years and found him to be very professional. He follows all laws and codes for renting property and yes he has in the past offered me to do the work to fix something and of course let it be deducted from my rent with my receipts. I thought this was normal? And I appreciated he trusted me enough to fix it.
I rented upstairs and unfortunately came to know the renter who is trying to give Jon poor reviews and it just isn't right. This man told many falsehoods and I will submit picture of the "one PVC" lol it was at least 15. And since when is it okay to leave your room you have rented without cleaning it? You didn't vacuum?? Why on earth wouldn't you vacuum? Who do you expect to clean up after Yourself if you don't want money taken out of the deposit for cleaning fees??
It sickens me to think that this fellow tenant is able to spread these falsehoods. He took advantage of the parking and brought motorcycles and friends cars to the property and parked them not to mention he brought a cat into the basement when no animals are allowed. I lived upstairs and suffered an allergy attack and he didn't seem to care or even bother to ask permission to have the cat on the premises.
If you are a reasonable person, pay your bills on time, and have common sense you will have no problems renting from Jon.

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