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17 Adams Street, Sea Cliff, NY, USA

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October 6, 2020
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We moved to Sea Cliff in 2018 and decided to rent for research purposes. While the village was quaint and friendly, it was a big change from Brooklyn. The landlord is a bit quirky and was not very easy to deal with. After we moved in we discovered asbestos in the basement and the landlord became hostile when we insisted that it be removed. While it was eventually removed, it was a slow process and we were not allowed to use the basement for a few weeks.

The landlord would also have people come by and report on the property, resulting in late night text messages from the landlord about the state of the lawn etc. The landlord was also very slow to make any repairs. While we loved the neighborhood, and actually offered to buy the house, the relationship with the landlord was too stressful and we decided to move on after 2 years.

Property Features

Balcony, Deck, Patio
Quiet Block/Street
Safe Neighborhood