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17214 Welby Way, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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December 18, 2018
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The landlord is a disbeliever of God and who ever reject him he would give an eviction notice. He is discriminator of race religion. When he found out that I believe in god he gave me an eviction notice. He tried to increase the volume of TV to kick me out the second week of my arrival. If I knew that he is an ATHEIST I would not rent his place. He increase rent after 6 months %5 percent or more. He make mess in the house and blame others.
He is a sick person of many mental bases. He sign a contract agreement but he does not obey by it. He said in video clip that Heating and cooling as I wish if I feel like it I turn it on or keep it off. He included all utility in monthly rental but cut of cable TV, Lights. He enter my unit without my permission for excuses like you are in kitchen I enter to room to turn light off, or your windows open I entered to close it. If you have gathering friends at your location he crashes the moment of people with different believe. There is no good review about him that I can mention. Do not rent from him, you would be sorry if you do.