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1730 29 Street Southwest, Calgary, AB, Canada

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December 19, 2016
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The house, though very small and VERY old (and in VERY POOR condition) is in a great location and the rent is cheap (we paid $1250 + utilities, very cheap for this neighborhood). The cheap rent and location are the only pros, the rest, all cons. The landlord is a paranoid maniac. He tried to make us pay for anything he could, including a new furnace (the current furnace in the house is 40 years old, we didn't do anything to it, it's just old and doesn't work properly). He would show up randomly without notice so he could check up on us, and since the garage isn't part of the rental agreement, he spent every weekend in it watching the house to make sure we didn't have people over. He would completely lose his cool whenever we called him about maintenance items (the furnace being the main one since it regularly stopped working) and it usually resulted in him trying to blame us for said maintenance item. When we moved out, we throughly cleaned and painted the entire house, and the landlord brought a spot light to the walk through, claimed it wasn't "move-in ready" and charged us half our damage deposit in cleaning (which he didn't use to clean, he left the house in the same condition we had it in). The yard is also impossible to maintain. Good luck to any future tenants....

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