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1754 North Sierra Bonita Avenue, Pasadena, CA, USA

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February 9, 2018
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DO NOT LIVE here or any other Genova owned property.

The landlord- Mr. Genova, was not friendly and the very few times we had a maintenance or fix it request he was extremely rude about having a phone call.

When we were in the process of moving to Nevada (in which we had informed him would be happening and that we would give a 30 day notice), he served us with an unlawful detainer. We promptly called him, and he refused to talk to us. After attempting to contact him through phone and text, we finally just put a 30-day notice in the mail and moved out. We have documents proving all of this.

Fast forward 6 months later, and he served us with a notice to appear in a small claims court case back in Pasadena. He was claiming over $5,000 in past due rent, and trumped up cleaning fees for after we left. He claimed, under oath in court, that he did not receive our notice and told the Judge that we were living there well after he knew we were not. We have receipts from movers and rental agreements that show differently.

This whole thing is actually on-going as we are now receiving more court paperwork he is filing. Living in another state, this is getting ridiculous having to deal with this, not to mention the time and loss of money (taking off work, traveling expenses back to Pasadena, etc...). We are now going through the process of gaining our own lawyer to attempt to end this.

If you decide to live here after reading this, I really wish you the best of luck, as I am pretty sure this is how he typically goes about things. Using the legal system and other means to attempt to get as much money as he can from people. He is not responsive by phone, text or mail and does not give out any other form of contact.