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180 Upper Canada Drive, Toronto, ON, Canada

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September 26, 2019
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I rented the basement of the house and after 16 months I moved out because of the landlord. She never answers her phone, never picks up her phone messages or emails. Every issue I had (toilet backing up, shower drain backing up with raw sewage, no window could be opened, no CO detectors), I was forced to contact her son and he was kind enough to give her my messages.
The house sewage system is old and failing, the owner took action only after I brought a plumber to resolve the issue of getting raw sewage from the upstairs toilet in my shower tub! She didn't do anything for 4 days while I was constantly cleaning excrements from the shower tub. The tenants upstairs, a family of 5, were forced to use, for more than a month, only one toilet which luckily is connected in a different discharge pipe.