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1914 Brimberry Street, Houston, TX, USA

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July 25, 2016
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I lived in 1914 Brimberry with Tony as my landlord for a little over a year. I was very disappointed in his lack of attentiveness to the property. He rarely would make repairs when we requested them (for example- we had a leak in the back room that was never repaired and we paid him extra to keep our lawn and though we asked him to fix some things with the pond in the back yard, he never did). The next-door neighbor seems to be involved in suspicious activity with drugs. People were constantly coming by in 20 minute intervals. We had a couple of negative experiences with them that I won't mention here.

Most disappointing to us was the trouble is always was to get Tony to do the right thing. We left the property in better condition than we found it, so much so that his agent was AMAZED at the condition of the property when we moved out, yet Tony kept a portion of our deposit because we left a couple of bags of trash behind and forgot to clean the oven. Despite my offering to come take care of these oversights, he ignored me and withheld deposit.

I wouldn't recommend this property. The lawn guy he hired for us left the gate open in the backyard (we didn't even know who was coming over or who we would find in our backyard), and my dog got out without me knowing and got hit on 43rd street and died. Probably one of the hardest things to go through and when I approached him about the incident, it didn't change the way our lawn was managed.

Lots of disappointments overall.

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