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200 Bay Street South, Hamilton, ON, Canada

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April 11, 2017
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DO NOT MOVE HERE. Moved in and had bed bugs and completely infested with cockroaches right away. Need 2 treatments 2 weeks apart for these... sat and waited for second treatment that never came. Turns out they didnt document first treatment so I had to start over meaning I lived out of bags and with everything from kitchen boxed up for a month and a half and had my cat babysat 4 times instead of only 2.

My storage locker got broken into and stuff stolen, one staff let it slip to me that they had a squatter living in there at one point.

They are ALWAYS doing construction. Fine if you work 8-5 but I work nights and couldnt sleep during day because of the constant drilling/hammering/whatever, even on saturdays. I am nit joking when I say it is VERY NOISEY.

They are constantly shutting the water off, even for a week at a time sometimes (between 8 and 5 which again does not work for me because thats when i am home). Couldnt do dishes, brush my teeth, flush toilet, make a tea, had to go to a friends to shower and get ready for work all the time.

My toilet broke. Reported it and nobody came to fix it and they tried leaving us with no toilet an entire weekend. Had to call after hours 5 or 6 times before getting a rude response and they ended up needing to call an after hours plumber.
Another time we had a huge leak behind bathroom sink. They said they "fixed it" but at 10pm the pipe literally burst, we had water spewing from the walls and cieling and again had to call about 6 times before they would answer and then got a rude response saying they would get there when they had time. Again they had to call after hours plumber and never had anyone clean up the water behind the walls so Im sure it's all mouldy now for the poor souls that moved in.

Management doesnt even acknowledge you when you walk in to office. She is so stressed and busy all the time and has incompetent staff. You have to basically clear your throat when you walk in to be acknowledged and then they just shove a work order at you.

Had other issues when moving in too such as back sliding door lock not working, electrical in kitchen not working, etc. The maintenance staff do all electrical and plumbing and have NO IDEA what they are doing.

When I gave notice, i woke up to 3 random dudes entering my apartment to view it. I was given ZERO notice and luckily i woke up when i heard door open and threw a robe on real quick otherwise id have woken up to 3 guys standing over my bed. Another time they barged in with people to view then said oops sorry wrong apartment. And a third time they came with zero notice with people to view it simply because it looks identical to a different unit they were renting. I repeat NO NOTICE. And if you are not home they will just enter and you wont even know about it.
Just dont move here. Find a better place preferably on the mountain, seriously.

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