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201b Morningside Drive Northeast, Albuquerque, NM, USA

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November 8, 2018
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The landlords are new to owning property and have a lot to learn. It is a couple that owns the property and the husband is very easy to talk to and is the one who fixes issues with the house. The wife however is a woman who should not be dealing with people in any capacity. She decided that she wanted her friends to stay in my apartment for the ballon fiesta and insisted that I move out by september 30th although she didn't tell me that until September 6th. When I expressed the fact that she had not given me 30 days notice she resorted to threatening legal action and eviction (she was completely unaware that is illegal) instead of talking to me like a person. I cannot recommend anyone put themselves at the mercy of this woman who takes the "lord" part of landlord way to literally.

The house itself was in extreme disrepair. The electrical between the units is not split correctly so you are paying part of your neighbors electrical bill. I discovered this when the landlords were heating the garage next door and my electrical bill doubled.