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206 10A Street Northwest, Calgary, AB, Canada

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March 3, 2018
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I signed a one year lease with Norfolk, location was ideal and all that.

Troubles began about a month in when they needed to do some repairs/upgrades to all the units. Replace a few things, no big deal, in and out. Over 6 months later and they still haven't finished the job, I literally look at the unfinished work everyday when I walk through the door. Absolutely shocking, they claimed the delay was due to a city inspector taking forever to approve the work, but I suspect they just f*ed up and contracted the cheapest crew to do the work and they didn't have correct permits to do the job and it all came to a halt. Obviously management is passing the buck and there's "nothing we can do but wait". Sweet, I love being inconvenienced everyday because of you idiots.

Next problem stems from the first. The crew doing the work left all their equipment in the small parking lot we have (its been there for over 6 months), and would you look at that, I don't get my parking stall anymore. I can park on the street, but being Kensington, I often have to park more than a block away to find room. So, what does management do. Nothing, they make the people who lost their parking stalls to the equipment storage park on the street and say its not their problem. Um how about I'm paying for a parking stall so give me one!!

Of course they are great when it comes to reminding you rent is due. Honestly, I'm not a high maintenance kind of guy, but this is atrocious. A bunch of orangutans could do better. Save yourself the headache and don't move in here. Location is great, that is the only thing going for it, until it falls over one day from lack of maintenance.

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