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2127 West 5th Avenue, Spokane, WA, USA

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January 12, 2016
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This place wasn't that bad when I moved in about a year ago. I liked it. It was run down, smelled like cat pee, the carpet's all burnt up, the fridge leaks, no A/C. But that was ok until over the summer when the landlord rented out the apartment adjacent to mine to a notorious pedophile. All it took was one google search of this guy's name. Nice. But that's not all, when the pedophile went to jail (as they seem to often) he gave his key to a random guy in jail. Now it's been over a month and this whole area has become a drug house. Drug dealers deal out on the front step with no recourse. Masses of homeless junkies come in and out all day and all night. Needles and garbage are strewn about the property. I'm up all night now every night listening to junkies beat up their women, animals– the cops have been here 10 times. They say contact the landlord. The landlord says contact the police. Either way, the landlord keeps lying to me saying they'll be out at X date. Then the date comes and there's still junkies shooting up right out front. I try to talk sense into them and they threaten me. So, what can I do aside from look for a new place? Oh yeah, I'll review the property. That way no one will make a mistake like I did moving into this dump. I feel like, yeah, maybe they might get rid of the junkies. But they won't, because the dealers found a LOT of customers and they REALLY LIKE dealing out of this spot because the cops NEVER DRIVE BY. They say they cleaned up Browne's Addition. But I am not so sure...

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