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215 Butler Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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September 25, 2018
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- Management Company/Landlord: I wish I could give 0 stars for both. To begin with, the Landlord asked for 2.5x months rent for our security deposit in addition to first month's rent upfront, which is significantly more than most NYC Landlords ask for. The Landlord wanted us to set up ACH deposits for our rent. That would have been fine, except that he charged us incorrectly every single month and took his time (usually 1+ month with us contacting the management company every day, and for one issue the Landlord did nothing for 3 months) to correct the issue. There were repairs done to our deck without letting us know. There was a problem with our A/C that took a month to figure out, but when we figured out the issue, the Landlord did not take any steps to make a permanent fix for the issue. The Landlord once dropped by without notice—which, by our lease, the Landlord is not allowed to do—and chastised my roommate for leaving our apartment front door unlocked while she waited for her boyfriend to drop by. We moved out 3 weeks ago and the Landlord seems to be unreachable—we have been hounding the Management Company about our security deposit, but all they can say is the Landlord won't respond to their emails and calls. Who knows when we'll get our security deposit back?

- Building/Apartment Condition: The apartment feels newly renovated, but there are also things that don't work but should. Our electronic doorman only worked 25% of the time. There seems to be some sort of thermostat installed in our bathroom, but it didn't work. The walls felt thin, so it got painfully cold in the winter and painfully hot in the summer.

-Building/Apartment Maintenance and Amenities: This apartment has everything you could want—in-unit laundry, a deck, a dishwasher, A/C in every room, big windows and closets in every room. However, I am docking three stars because the air conditioning in two of the rooms hardly worked, and if you did want them to work, you had to turn on the A/C in both of those rooms and our living room at the same time. The roommates who lived in those two rooms were miserable for months. No matter how much they reached out to Management, the Landlord did not seem motivated to find a permanent solution to the problem.

- Neighborhood & Neighbors: The neighbors I interacted with were very kind. It's right between Boerum Hill & Gowanus, which is a great place to be. It is, however, directly across from the Gowanus Canal, which means that the two rooms facing the Canal often had the sewer smell wafting into their rooms.

- Transportation & Parking: Boerum Hill is probably the best place in Brooklyn to be transportation-wise. Parking seemed OK, except there seemed to be a truck that never moved right in front of the apartment.

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