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21812 Merridy Street, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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November 30, 2014
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Single family residence (house) 3 bedrooms. Nice, quiet neighborhood, decent neighbors (mainly older, working individuals). The house itself is nice, however, the owners (an older husband and wife), are NOT pleasant people. The wife is very controlling, hateful, intrusive, jealous and the husband seemingly has NO coconuts. I rented the place for 5 years. I constantly had problems with them disturbing my right to quiet enjoyment, REGULARLY making up excuses to come by the property. They used the sprinkler system as an excuse to come by the property numerous times. There was NOTHING wrong with the sprinkler system. They also entered the premises without my permission. I don't know how many times this happened. My neighbor next door told me of a few occasions and the wife admitted to the husband entering once to me. If he did it once, he did it more times. Due to their GREED and who knows what else, they filed an unlawful detainer on me 1 day after my lease expired because I did not vacate the property by the time the lease expired. ONE DAY after the lease expired people. I fought them in court on the matter, but the Judge indicated that since the lease expired, there was nothing that he could do and that I had to vacate the premises. Normally landlords allow month-to month tenancies after the lease expires, however, these hateful people made sure that the last lease that I signed did not automatically go to month-to month. The sheriff came on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Fortunately I was done moving the items out that I wanted to move, however, I was still at the property. While I was there loading the final items on the truck, they immediately started prepping the place getting it ready to rent. I asked them to allow me to stay until the end of December, they said no. They are HEARTLESS, INTRUSIVE, and CONTROLLING individuals. The husband once told me that because I did not get along with his wife, that if they allowed to continue to rent, I would be paying more than I should for rent.

In a 5 year period, they also increased the rent from $1,950 to $2,200. I signed 3 different leases during my 5 year stay at the property. Each time prior, I rec'd a 60 day notice from them to move, for NO apparent reason. I feel that those 60 day notices was just a form of their sick game of control. For those who wish to rent this property, just be warned. They start off as seemingly nice people, but the wife runs the show and she is very controlling and will try to control you. As they are very GREEDY people, they will likely increase the rent regularly. If you don't bow down to that hateful, intrusive, controlling wife, trust me, they will likely continuously increase your rent or they will try to find a reason to get you out of the property. These people are NOT nice people!! Be warned...RENT THIS PROPERTY AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

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