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2215 College Avenue, Manhattan, KS, USA

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February 25, 2018
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This complex has switched management multiple times since living here, which makes maintenance and contact difficult when you don't know who you need to be reaching out too. Roommate matching and the furniture available is convenient, but the price is steep for what you are getting. There are a large amount of young people who live here (college students and military) so it isn't uncommon to hear parties, fights and other things happening. It's a huge complex so it definitely depends on where you get placed. I often had problems with my internet and cable, which is provided by the complex. Communication for repairs was timely, they would let you know you were heard, but having the work completed was often a process. There were multiple times that maintenance came into my apartment unannounced. Towards the end of my lease maintenance started coming by without me requesting anything be fixed. In the span of three months, I was told they were coming to my apartment (often times for vague or unnecessary reasons) at least six times, and I came home to maintenance being in my apartment without me being informed beforehand on three occasions. I also had a broken lock on a door that never got fixed. Overall, my time here wasn't bad. It's a bit of a trek to campus but you can definitely always count on being able to park close to your home. I lived here a year and that felt like plenty of time. Definitely a solid first apartment to transition to being a real adult but not something long term.

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