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2292 Camino Way, Cottonwood Heights, UT, USA

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July 31, 2017
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Renters BEWARE! I have rented the east side of this duplex for 4 years with no issues. That is, until Dave took over the management of this property after his EXwife (the second owner of the property since I moved in) became very ill and now has brain damage. I have had the unfortunate experience of this grown man SCREAMING in my face because I was watering the grass. Never in my life have I been in trouble for TAKING CARE of a property. AND, I am not the only tenant on this property... why I am the only one getting into trouble for water use is a mystery.

The clincher was, he showed up pounding on my door, AFTER screaming at me over the phone just prior, at 11:00pm!!! I was already sleeping and his irrational behavior scared us. We thought he might be drunk. So we called the police. A case was filed against him. We cannot fathom what made him think that showing up like that, at that time of night, was even necessary, let alone legal. I have told him on many occasions (4 to be exact) that if he wants to communicate with me, he needs to be respectful. That he is not allowed to talk to me like that or be disrespectful in our business exchange.

My rent has ALWAYS been paid! ALWAYS! Even if we needed help, it is always paid every month without fail.

The added bonus is, he doesn't take care of the property. He has been promising to remove 2 dead trees from the property that are posing a risk to the safety of the property as well as the occupants for 2 years. The grass is always dead because we aren't allowed to water it. He let us roast in an un-airconditioned house for 2 weeks before he got someone there to replace the pump.

I have witnessed his blatant verbal abuse against honest working people, who were there at his request, verbal abuse against his own sons who he was "teaching" to fix problems and experienced first hand the verbal abuse he dishes out as a tenant.

I sincerely hope this review helps someone avoid the abuse this man has to offer. I definitely wouldn't suggest single moms rent from him. He treats us worse than if there is a man in the house. No reasonable person would ever act the way he does toward people. Please be careful when renting from him. Cover your bases with him and make sure everything YOU want is in writing. I would also make sure that contacting you at REASONABLE hours is in black and white.

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