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232 Manor Circle, Takoma Park, MD, USA

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June 29, 2020
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I lived at this house for 2 and a half months, I rented a one bedroom attic apartment from this women. Let me say this....when I first encountered this landlord everything was nice as far as my enter actions with her went but as soon as the pandemic hit that’s when her true nature was revealed. Let’s back up, I first went to view the apartment and the first thing that hit me was the smell of the apartment and her house. The smell was terrible because she has a lot of cats and because the previous tenant had a dog. I guess me being nice and non judgmental I decided to look past the smell since that was the only thing wrong at least at the time.
I moved in and looked more thoroughly at everything and on top on the kitchen cabinets there was a dead mouse and tons of roaches with coffee grinds( my guess the coffee grounds was for the horrible pet smell). I was completely mortified but said to myself ok I’ll just remove the mouse and tell her about it in an email and that’s what I did. From her reaction it came across that as she was surprised too but my thoughts were as a landlord it’s up to you to thoroughly inspect your property. As the first month went on she then had nerve to ask me what’s wrong with my child’s legs and made a face. Mind you my toddler just started walking at the time and was slightly bow leg and asked don’t I need to get that fixed. I was so offended but kept in mind that this lady doesn’t leave her house very much, she doesn’t have children and no family visits her. Actually no one visits her at all so she has poor people skills. I nicely assured her that I have family in the medical field and my child sees the doctor often enough so if anyone saw that it was a major concern I would have known and taken care of it.
The second month when this pandemic started and a couple of weeks going into May I politely made her aware that I would not have the rent. She was completely nasty in return and told me about my financial situation. Completely out of line! Just because I received a dog from someone that could no longer afford to have her. The landlord thought and accused me of paying several hundred dollars for this dog when in reality all I paid was a re-homing fee. This landlord kept pressing me out about giving her my dog in exchange for half the rent then I would need to pay her the other half. A week later she then pressed on about getting my dog but this time for exchange for the full amount of the rent. I told her no both times over email and that I will make a way to get her the rent. It got to the point where I decided to re-home my new dog because this landlord called animal cops on me and my husband lying saying we were abusing our dog just because I would not give my dog to her. Again mind you I had just paid her rent for May just to in return be subjected to further abuse. I went to the court for a peace order the next day and she was served that same day. After the cops left she yelled every name and threat with my name involved including to racial slurs. This women lost it and also I lost all my respect for her. Two and half weeks later I re-homed my poor dog, wrote a letter stating my family and I will be moving out by May 30th and she could keep the deposit. I had cops give her the letter due to me being uncomfortable giving it to her and didn’t know what her actions would be due to what she had done so far. She went off again with the name calling so I decided I had enough ,I found a place where my husband’s new job was transferring to and left before the initial date I gave her.
As a follow up the peace order was not granted because I was moving. The landlord sent me an email taunting me about not being granted the peace order. I will contribute this to a lesson learned because of a few red flags...... the first few was that the landlord was very secretive about her name, she didn’t do a credit report nor did she ask for ID or Social Security. Come to find out the landlord doesn’t have a license to rent and she has a record. She also talked about her previous tenants to me so I know she will talk about us to someone else. I wrote this to make others aware of this landlord and to avoid her at all costs! It’s sad because this is a nice area.

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