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2326 Oakway Terrace, Eugene, OR, USA

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September 25, 2019
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BB was our landlord. Our tenancy with her was on an agreed upon month-to-month basis. We lived in the home for approximately 2 months before we closed on our own home. At the conclusion of our tenancy, we cleaned every facet of the home to the original condition following the move-out checklist. We were disappointed to find we had $300 deducted from the security deposit to cover "professional cleaning". This charge was not discussed with us at any time. After multiple attempts to follow up about the charge with her, no invoice or details were provided. Hard to say what exactly the $300 was used for. Disappointing. Additionally, getting repairs completed was a slow process. Multiple fixes did not get completed during our 2 month stay. Repairs slowed down even further once we gave our 30 day notice.

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