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2516 Dupont Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN, USA

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September 22, 2018
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I would NOT suggest living here. It has a great location, awesome free off-street parking, and the landlord seems chill at first. The apartment itself is constantly going under renovations that leave big dusty messes everywhere. The landlord has known issues in the building he refuses to fix. We went for months without a working fridge because he refused to fix it or buy us a new one. There was a whole room that never had a functional light because of shoddy electrical work. The landlord actually facetimed a tenant once to go down and fix the boiler... who does that? Then we get the deposit back after finally moving out because of the terrible landlord, and he charges us for damage caused by previous tenants, a broken fridge that he REFUSED to replace, and an exorbitant cleaning fee despite the fact that the apartment was dirty when we moved in. The landlord is stingy and won't fix stuff. Try not to be tempted by the other nice parts.

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