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2630 West 39th Avenue, Denver, CO, USA

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May 14, 2015
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Pros: Nice little duplex with a nice backyard and easy street parking. Overall, the landlord keeps the property in good shape. It is relatively quiet in spite of its proximity to 38th (which can get busy at times)

Cons: The Landlord is older and is extremely sensitive to noise. He is a stickler for every little visitor or party and constantly was harassing us about even the most modest levels of music. They also have a tendency to listen in to conversations and we felt like we were constantly being watched and monitored. The Landlord is also a former contractor so made a number of repairs without giving us advance notice meaning pounding sounds starting at 7 am on Saturdays, messes in the yard and general noise. He also has major anger issues and is prone to yell, swear and generally get confrontational at the drop of a hat. In one instance, his wife even entered our home without our consent and they have taken the position that they can enter the unit without notice at any time (which we believe is illegal even in this very pro-landlord state). This level of anger and hostility and threats of violence (in one instance telling my wife he was going to "kick her ass") finally led to us initiating formal complaints and threats of restraining orders as we no longer felt safe in our home. While we were able to generally ignore them to fulfill our lease obligations, we stopped having friends over and gatherings at our home for fear that it would lead to further escalations.

The bottom line is that we feel that Jack and Lilly were terrible landlords and neighbors and are thrilled to be leaving this unit in spite of our enjoyment of the home itself and the location which is really quite ideal.

Oh and do not let him fool you. He says that the house is 4 bedrooms when in fact only two are up to code and the two "bedrooms" downstairs lack any meaningful fire exits or window wells. As a result, this is strictly speaking a 2 bedroom 2 bath home with a finished basement.

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