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264 Cornwall Street, Hartford, CT, USA

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June 14, 2014
Management Company/Landlord
Building/Apartment Maintenance

Renters BEWARE!!! I would find a better place to live than this dump. The reason why I say do not stay here is because the landlord that owns this building is a slumlord who harass his tenants and their children. For example he does not allow me and my daughter to use the front gate because one of her friends came over and forgot to close it. He always bangs on the back door or ring the doorbell and when you answer the door he starts yelling at you and making myself and my family scared of what this man is capable of doing!! Another example is he does not like anyone parking in his driveway if you park in his driveway and you ask him to move he gets really upset. For example I leave for work earlier than my daughter and when she went upstairs and asked him if you could please move the car because she has to go to work he took 30 minutes to come downstairs then he said " WHY THE F**K DID YOU PARK IN THE DRIVE WAY with blood shot eyes!!. So I advised anyone to think twice before you even consider moving into the DEVILS home!