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2710 Stratford Court, Euless, TX, USA

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May 31, 2018
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I do not know where to even begin...
I did not believe the devil existed until I moved in next store to her. Let’s start with the basics, this property is completely bug infested (cockroaches) no matter how much I cleaned or called the exterminator. On top of that the landlord would not pay you back after she would tell you to call them. Property has plumbing issues as well. Oh did I forget to mention the rats that come from her side...yup. Be sure to document and save everything she sends you including conversations. She will change her mind after something is discussed and act like it never happened. Also she harassed and has threatened me. Beware of this property and unsafe neighborhood. There is never any parking and also be prepared for no sleep. The landlord has multiple dogs that are left outside all day and night and they bark non stop. Also she is drunk half the time and will call you late at night to have you let her in her home. Stay away from crazy Kathy Holmes (landlord). She will try to make you pay for everything she can and claim it’s in the lease so must have that at hand all times. She believes everything should be split even if it’s on her property. She will during the summertime use your water hose for water for her lawn. There is no insulation in house the electric bill.... you can only imagine. This place is in need of severe updates! And bug/rat treatment. I could keep on going on with more crazy stories. All I have to say is stay away if you never want to live in hell.