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2736 Auburn Street, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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January 10, 2013
Management Company/Landlord
Building/Apartment Maintenance

Had several issues renting from Jenny Martinez.

1. Entered our premises without 24 hour prior notification. It's a little surprising that a landlord would not be courteous enough to at least give me a heads up.

2. Had a plumbing issue which caused the water bill to skyrocket. Tried to pin the blame on me, even though my water usage didn't increase. Keep in mind she has a sprinkler system set up throughout the complex. Somehow without a washer and dryer or a dishwasher we incurred a $1000 water bill in one month. Tried to say it was my fault. Afterward she installed the free shower heads courtesy of LADWP. In other words, don't expect a decent wash if you decide to rent.

3. It's been 21 days since we moved out and still no deposit has been returned. After several contacts and promises of a check I have still not received anything.

4. Provided 30 days notice on Nov. 20th. Jenny said she would prorate the rent for Dec. if I moved out on the 20th, which I did. She later decided to change her mind saying that 1/3 of the month too short a time to provide a pro rated rent. In other words, "I'm keeping the $600+ dollars I owe you just because I can."

5. Not very good with keeping amenities working. Faucet leaked water for over a year. We had to keep a bowl under the sink which smelled like death but had to be dumped every few days. After several requests to have it fixed they finally came and installed the cheapest faucet which broke again soon thereafter.

6. Uses one of the garages for her own personal storage. I know its your own property, but how about paying for a storage unit so we can park!

Is hands off to the point where it's a problem. Obviously cares about saving the most money possible for herself at the expense of the tenant. Don't expect to have issues with the property fixed quickly or effectively.