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2803 Sugar Maple Court, South Brunswick Township, NJ, USA

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March 14, 2019
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Royal Oaks Apts -Monmouth Junction NJ

NOT MILITARY FRIENDLY STAY AWAY! This is how they treat veterans. I won't be here much longer. Every 3mos maintenance is invade your privacy & entering your apt. As a female tenant I don't want some guy entering apt when I'm NOT home. I've experienced maint. knocking at my door unlocking it & immediately walking right in like it’s their apt! But he's only doing what management tells him to do! & not all do this.Some are good workers.But mgmt is the worst!

This is one of those places where the staff is a bunch of miserable old hags who need to quit & find a job that has nothing to do with human contact. Especially Eva!! Maybe shoveling manure might be a better fit for her. Or perhaps she needs some Jesus in her life so she could stop being so disgusting, miserable & rude to people!

Today my carbon monoxide alarm went off. Waited 1hr outside for maint. Wasn't chancing if it was a dead battery or not. Went to office. Heard again "They know" What if I had kids waiting with me? I've had many bad experiences here & I was fed up. Told them they were awful & sucked. Eva then tells me 2x's "If I don't like it to move" People this is the wonderful treatment you'll get from staff!

If it wasn’t because I was in a good mood prior to this nonsense & didn’t care about what venom Eva spewed from her disgusting pie hole. I would’ve given this hag something to really talk about. Mgmt is horrible!

1.Each month your electric bill will go through the roof keeping apt warm or cool. Apt’s poorly insulated. In winter you'll freeze & summer you'll bake

2.Windows & doors have a huge wind draft. I’ve spend my own $ putting up plastic to cover my windows to keep warm. But doesn’t help because windrow frame is so crooked that they have huge gaps!

3.In cold months you can’t just turn on water to bathe or wash your hands in warm water. You 1st have to waste water & run faucets & shower FOREVER before water FEELS warm

4.Vents & central air/heat sys. is disgusting! It’s so clogged that 2 days after you dust & clean you'll have a layer of nasty dust again as if you never cleaned

5.Maint will plug into your patio electric socket & use your electricity when they're working on near apt with no power

6.Every time a tenant moves…meaning the apt above or beside you…you'll get roaches. So much for fumigating!

7.When weather gets warm you'll get trails of ants in your kitchen. So much for fumigating!