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3136 West 24th Avenue, Denver, CO, USA

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October 28, 2019
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I've rented a decent amount in my life and this was by far my worst experience. The landlord is out of the country and slow to respond to anything. This is an older house, so when issues came up, they'd be slow to actually fix the issue. One issue we found upon move-in and reported on our initial report. We believed it should've been fixed, but the landlord refused to fix it. So we just lived with the issue. When we moved out, we spent hours and hours to make sure everything was clean and in better shape than it was when we left. Still they nickel and dimed us on expenses, including cleaning fees even though we had cleaned every part of the house (guess the cleaning company made an easy $200 since they had nothing to do). They also charged us for the thing that was broken on our move in, which totaled $400.

This was not a fun landlord to deal with while living there, and know at the end that you will have a good chunk of your security deposit taken out regardless of how well you keep the property clean.

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