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317 South Tryon Street, Woodstock, IL, USA

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March 7, 2017
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Horrible greedy people!!! 150 sqft upstairs shoebox, wanted 200 extra a month for "grass/snow removal" changed the security deposit on move in day from 675 to 1350..switched gas valves in the basement so I was paying for the gas in her aunts 3 bedroom downstairs. Shower was broken for the first 21 days I lived there..i only lived there 58 days due to landlord being a greedy nightmare. Furnace was broken, never fixed it, I just left. Rent was 675 (way too much for that shoebox) and in 58 days she raised it to 825.00. Lease was month to month, moved out after 2 days shy of 2 months and didn't get security deposit back. Wanted gas, electric, water, and garbage as well..basically paid for her aunts bills. I paid one water bill even though the bills are every 90 days, I was there 58 days yet still paid it. I get a letter after I've moved telling me I need to pay ANOTHER water bill and she wants 1150.00 for GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT or shes taking me to court..58 days cost me over 2,000 when the rent was only supposed to be 675.00..Nicor gas also opened an investigation due to therm usage which didn't make sense mainly because my furnace was broken and I couldn't shower there for the first 21 days..I used hardly any water or gas..this woman and her moron husband who cant fix a thing are thieves and greedy mongrels. If you live here your car will also need to be fixed due to a foot high "speed bump" moron hubby molded into the asphalt at the end of the driveway. Mr. Handyman even forgot the fascia in the kitchen..hes 6'6, you cant reach your own kitchen cabinets, even if you're on a chair. Kitchen sink was supposedly "new" yet didn't drain, shower knob was installed wrong, couldn't use it, furnace wasn't working at all, nicor gas told me when I had my gas turned on..oh and they let themselves in when they see you're not there..they admitted it. Run! Do not rent from these people. No features to the place either: no D/W, balcony, nothing..

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