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3174 W 29th Ave, Denver, CO, USA

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February 8, 2012
Management Company/Landlord
Building/Apartment Maintenance

The Pros: He's not a nosy guy, he definitely let's you live without his intrusion. Also, the yard for this property, while in need of TLC, is spacious and great for BBQ parties.

The Cons: Numerous. He is very forgetful. He forgot to tell me his address and finally let me know when he wasn't receiving rent checks (I didn't know where to send them). He forgot to get a lease to me even after I pestered him about it. We never did get that signed and it turned out to bite us both down the road. It's a duplex but he forgets who lives there. He once asked "where's that golden retriever" when the people that had that dog had moved out over a year ago. Also, when both I and my duplex neighbor were out of town, my neighbor had a friend watch the place and that friend held a small party in the backyard. The landlord came over at that time and started talking to the friend as though he were the renter. Perhaps the most damning thing is that he forgets the state of the property when you moved in. It is an old and well-lived in place with lots of cracks and minor damages but he thinks it's a palace and he thinks it ought to look like a palace when you move out i.e. better than when you moved in. I'm currently in a tussle with him over him charging me for damage that's been there for longer than I've been in Denver (crack in microwave door, a couple nail holes in the wall, garbage left in the garage). Also, there were no smoke detectors when I moved in but I'm blamed for their being missing, of course. The problem is we don't have a lease or a damage report so it's a lot of bickering without a lot of progress. I was a fool not to continue to insist that he bring those papers over.

Maintenance is a problem. As I've said, the property isn't pristine and it needs fixin'-up a lot. He took about a year to come fix the sprinkler system so, by the time he arrived, the lawn was brown. Of course, he complained about that even though I'd reminded countless times to come fix it. The lawnmower engine broke once. My duplex neighbor and I called and called and he finally came when we said we were going to fix it ourselves and take the repairs out of his rent. After he accused us of breaking it (we didn't) he finally got it fixed although we had to pick it up from the shop ourselves. During a rainstorm, a deluge started pouring into the basement. I sealed it up myself because I knew he couldn't be relied on. During a windstorm, the window blew in, crushed some of my girlfriend's houseplants, and cracked the plastic. Again, he couldn't be relied upon so I did my best to fix it myself.

I gave my 30 days notice with a few days to spare after I paid my final months rent. That didn't stop him from bullying me out early so he could get a new renter in right away (this after he gave me a sob story about how hard it is to find renters in January). I'm trying to get at least half of that month's rent back.

In short, he is irresponsible, mean, and, quite frankly, dumb; I'm not just name-calling when I call him a pothead--he really is one and it greatly affects the way information gets into his head.