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3227 24A Street Southwest, Calgary, AB, Canada

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February 24, 2018
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We thoroughly enjoyed living in this house but the Landlord was less than desirable. We had issues with the washing machine and dryer and let the landlord know right away. The problem wasn't solved for months and in the interim we found our own dryer so that we could continue to do laundry. Another HUGE issue was the electrical in the Garage. There is a leak dripping THROUGH the electrical socket and it has gone unfixed for over 6 months. This breaks health and safety codes as the garage is attached to the house. Many times we brought this up with the landlord and the issue continued to go unfixed (and is still unfixed to my knowledge). We have record of emails discussing this issue and each time it went ignored.

Upon moving out the landlord did NOT conduct a inspection report, nor did he have one completed from the beginning. He then went on to say that there were damages we caused when we have our own record of them being there from the start. One example was there was a hole in the wall downstairs in the basement which as soon as we moved in put a dresser in front so as not to exacerbate the problem. He took that out of our deposit along with the fact that we didn't repaint the house or wash the OUTSIDE windows when we left. I hired a professional cleaning company. Another ridiculous charge was a piece of siding that fell off during a windstorm. He charged us for a few other small things and took $500 from our deposit saying he should have taken more but he was giving us a break.

The landlord is dishonest, un-attentive to managing his property and over all just plain rude.

The place was nice when everything was working and in an amazing location with great neighbours.

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