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332 South Telemachus Street, New Orleans, LA, USA

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October 11, 2017
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I lived here for two years. I really liked it. The landlord lived upstairs and was really quick to help me with any repairs, which were all minor. She even helped me by watching my cat when I went out of town and installed a portable AC unit for him when I was gone for a week in the summer and the AC went out. She did not give me any hassle about returning the deposit even though I didn't do any crazy deep cleaning and offered to give me a good review for future landlords. She also gave me 2 months to move when she decided she wanted to rent the unit out to her friend. I was sad to be kicked out, but she did it in the most decent way possible. The only complaint I had about the place was that parking was kind of difficult sometimes during Endymion and large events at Finn McCool's, but overall that really wasn't a big deal and it just comes with the territory. There's a washer/dryer in the unit and central heating/AC. The water was always hot enough. The toilet didn't ever clog. I will say that the way the heater worked, you had to leave the bedroom doors open when it was on to prevent the rooms from becoming an oven, but you rarely need to use heaters in New Orleans in the first place. There's a cute little side yard.

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