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345 Kintyre Private, Ottawa, ON, Canada

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March 6, 2019
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The landlord is horrible. Her and her husband constantly showed up without proper notice and tried to micro manage everything. They would go into tenants rooms without permission and move personal items around when they had no business to. I had a issue with harrassment from another tenant and she refused to deal with it. This other tenant threatened my life, went into my room and stole multiple items, stole my food from the kitchen, stole parts of the wifi modem so it was unusable and constantly yelled at me. After telling the landlord about these issues multiple times she chose to ignore everything I said. I had a police report of the threat on my life as well. When I finally decided to leave the house she made it very difficult, not letting me break my lease for these extreme circumstances. The landlord at this property is the worst I've ever had and I would not recommend this place to anyone. It is in a nice location but it is not worth all the other terrible things you have to put up with.

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