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349 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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April 24, 2018
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The landlord is unprofessional when talking to tenants and does not know landlord tenant law. There were numerous housing code violations, and when I tried to bring them to her attention, she refused to talk to me because I was a subleasor...I was legal subleasor. I filled out an application. I provided her with all necessary documents and complied with the background check she mandated. She knew I was living there, sanctioned it, and had no problem cashing my checks. Yet, despite this, and in violation of NYC housing law, she refused to speak with me.

When there was a mouse problem, I tried to contact her and she refused to respond. My roommate, who was on the original lease contacted her and got a response. The landlord agreed to a time and day to take care of the problem. My roommate assumed the landlord had told me. I was naked in my room with the door open, which was across from the front door to the apartment when when the landlord unlocks the door...WITHOUT KNOCKING...and walks in with a man.

When i asked why I was not told she was coming, and why she did not respond to my emails or calls, she told me point blank that "I was allowed to live there only because she was a nice person....that i had no rights...and that she would not speak to me about anything because i was a subleasor." Not only was it mortifying that she entered the apartment without knocking and put me naked, on display to this man, but also frustrating that she refused to listen to reason.

The rest of my experience living in this terribly managed building was the same. She turned the water off to fix something and did not notify anyone. She then forgot to turn the water back on and drove upstate. We called her and told her she needed to come back, and she begrugingly returned the following afternoon. For over 24 hours I was not able to use the bathroom in my own apartment.

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