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36 Arbour Crescent Southeast, Calgary, AB, Canada

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May 22, 2020
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Most hostile "landlord" ever! There was an incident where the downstairs tenant attempted to break in. When we notified the slumlord he did nothing at all to address the situation despite a police report being filed. Instead lashed out at us. marginalizing us for our age with discrimination and ageism, and attempted to lure us out side to assault us. For no reason at all, other than reporting the issue. (Another police report was filed). Also the Slumlord allows an automotive shop to operate in the garage at all hours of the day and night, plus the highly illegal basement suite downstairs. Combine that with all the health and safety, minimum housing standards and city violations that were made apparent to us after we moved in, this place isn't suitable for a rat to live in. Ended up moving out and suing the narcissist for termination and refund of the deposit even though he said we could leave. It would be better to be homeless than to rent this place. Stay away if you value your health, safety and wellbeing!