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3623 Kalsman Drive, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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October 6, 2020
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Cameo Woods is a nice community with a lot of rules and hard to deal with if you are not the owner. The board will not entertain anything from you and you have to go through the owner. This is not a great thing if the Landlord is not involved and does not care about you as a tenant. The Landlord of this property sees you as a cash machine to pay their rent cost in their current house and, no matter what they say, they do not care about you.
The landlord promises to fix issues and never happens (months go by) - then they ask the tenant to find someone to fix and they will reimburse, which is an issue as the tenant will have to get approval and if the person/company fixing the problem has an issue, the tenant will have to deal with the issue.
As I said, the landlord will treat you like a $ machine - so expect a juicy rent increase - the landlord will try to sneak in an 8-10% increase every year with the justification that the property is worth more (even if the rest of the units in the complex rent for $600-700 less).
The landlord is a lawyer - there is really no way to win in any situation dealing with them. The unit is old and needs improvement. The neighbors are very quiet, no issues there.

Property Features

Laundry Facility
Pet Friendly
Pool, Hot Tub
Quiet Block/Street
Safe Neighborhood
Storage Space