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38 Front Street, Binghamton, NY, USA

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July 2, 2016
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This is an apartment building called The River House. It is in close proximity to downtown and right next to the Roberson Museum.

The building is constructed to serve as more of a nursing home. Most of the other residents are elderly and the building feel is and apartment conditions are like a nursing home. They do advertise themselves to be open to students and young professionals but the building is not state-of-the-art to be able to accommodate comfortable living for these groups. If you are a young professional, this will NOT be a place for you to live. You will feel very uncomfortable with the conditions of the building and the general feel given the other residents.

The apartments are very poorly maintained, the walls are paper thin and noise travels. It can get so uncomfortable that you will be able to hear your neighbor's TVs when the TV 's volume is barely audible. You can hear phone conversation and they will be able to hear yours. It is honestly ridiculous how this place exists in 2016.

If you plan on not moving around the apartment, not watching TV and not having visitors over because all of these activities will end up disrupting your neighbors peace and vice versa, then this place will be perfect.

This building shouldn't really exist in 2016 because everything about it on par with living conditions from 30 years ago but somehow enough elderly people and people with disabilities keep it running.

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