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405 Beta Avenue, Burnaby, BC, Canada

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December 11, 2018
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The building underwent new ownership who've been operating illegal AirBnB's (illegal in Burnaby). The new owners refuse to address any of the building issues for current and long-term residents, telling them go deal with their fixes required by themselves or leave. The building's conditions are deplorable: poor drainage, single-paned windows that don't have any screens, fake security camera in the rear parking lot that did none of the tenants any good when several vehicles were broken into.

The new owners have stripped the residents of our safety and security as required by law and under the Tenancy Act (sections 28 and 32). When we issued our list of complaints including broken closet doors that needed to be replaced, broken kitchen cabinetry that needed to be replaced, lifted kitchen flooring that needed to be replaced, plumbing that needed to be replaced...(essentially, most fixes required), they were refused and we received a Renoviction (eviction for major renovation) notice in retaliation.

The landlord has told us they make more money from short-term rentals (AirBnB) than they do from the tenants. They also took away our parking spot(s) that the tenants held unrestricted and took several for themselves (hardly used) and redistributed the rest to commercial tenants. Several residents in the building are bullied by the landlord; the hallways are not lit and the railing to the laundry room is a disaster awaiting someone's death. No joke.

They're awful people; greedy too. Afterall, operating illegal AirBnBs says it all and when they evict tenants so they can renovate then rent out the new units as AirBnBs? And that's what they do. They renovate the units that are decrepit and full of problems, then they tell current tenants that they have to re-apply to be considered for one of the renovated units... which they won't rent to us but to short-term stays.

Stay away from Lisa Chan and the people at Sterling Furnished Suites (862 Renfrew Street / 604-803-0118); they're not lawabiding but law-breaking crooks. Burnaby City Hall is aware of them as is the Tenancy Board. Since they purchased this building, they've driven people out and have established a reputation for being evil, deceptive, and greedy. Awful people they are.

Comment posted by David

Hey. I'm about to rent a place there and this concerns me. Were you told they would fix the unit up before moving in? Because it has most of the problems you mentioned and I'm afraid its the same unit. They've told me that they would fix it before I moved in but I don't trust them now. And did you have to break the lease to end this? Thanks