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405 Marengo Avenue, Pasadena, CA, USA

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August 25, 2018
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At first the landlord seemed like a reasonable person, the units while small were decent looking and i always got compliments...but the truth of the matter...ugg.
I guess it started the minute i moved in, as i have been the victim of my high-end speakers going out...not that big a deal, they go out all the time...but i have bought over 5 sets of them since i moved in from logitech 5.1 systems to creative audio t40...all of them have blown. I finally find out that they are being subjected to surges and that the surges are connected to the units laundry room, as the surges correllate to the dryer cycling. I bring this to their attention and am immediatly given notice, THey claim that i have been tampering with the electrical outlets and causing power outages in the laundry room. Now im under the impression that the laundry room shouldnt even be on a circuit that can influence our grid, and that it means most likely, that we are collectivly paying for the electricity that we pay 2.50 to bea able to use per load. What scum.

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