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41 Woodfield Drive, Ottawa, ON, Canada

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April 14, 2019
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Landlord was horrible to his tenants. There was promised to be central air conditioning and heating. The furnace was broken so, during the winter the room temperature would go down to 16 degrees celcius and during the summer upwards of 30 degrees Celsius. The landlord always blamed the tenants for the temperature in our rooms. The landlord was extremely creepy and sat outside my door once pretending like he was talking on the phone to girls I went to college with (he’d never gone to that college and is a shut in). His mother made a comment about him going into my room, so I put a lock on my door and he punched it three times. He would always be stern about trying to make his tenants walk his dog for him. Creepiest and worst landlord I’ve ever had in unit F at 41 Woodfield drive. Neighbors are nice, but he’s not.

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