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447 Douglas Woods Drive Southeast, Calgary, AB, Canada

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March 31, 2017
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The house looks nice, but once you are inside for over an hour, you can see all of the repairs were done by the cheap landlord.
Our landlord is a heart surgen, so he thinks he is 100% above everyone.
He will screw you over with money. He is cheaper than the broke kids who rented this house. He will not fix anything because he don't know how and doesn't want to pay for someone.
He's rude.
He does monthly check up's on the house. Walks in and looks around our personal space. It's very Unpleasing.
He talks to us like we are below him. He makes us feel like crap all the time. He tells us we can put storage stuff in the garage even though we are paying for the garage!
Do not rent with this landlord. He will do everything to screw you over. Why do you think he picked 4 kids with 3 dogs to move into his nice house? He just wants money.