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467 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, CT, USA

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July 28, 2015
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Do not live in this apartment building, and do not trust the landlord, Ali Ismail. The apartment makes a good first impression, but it was honestly the worst living conditions of my life. If you note one thing from this review, note this: The landlord behaves completely inappropriately, and as a single female I felt so uncomfortable and scared I contemplated calling the police, and I couldn't get out fast enough.

As for the building itself: My roof leaked EVERY SINGLE TIME it rained and began CAVING IN -- you can literally see the slant in the ceiling, and it's terrifying. Once it got warm, every single window in the apartment was infested with flies that had apparently hatched, and it was the most terrifying thing I've witnessed. I'm finishing my year of rent and I still have: No screens in my windows, no fire alarms, and no parking space -- all promised when I signed the lease. Learn from my mistakes, please.

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