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4947 Balustrade Boulevard Southeast, Lacey, WA, USA

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November 7, 2018
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My landlord is wonderful. I have never had such a great landlord before. All of my renting experiences were nightmares, except this time. I am comfortable and happy in this home. I was living in a hotel with my toddlers before I found this place. My husband is prior military. We didn't know he can't finish processing to medically retire, until we move off base.Housing just showed up one day and tried to kick us out that day. Eventually we ended up in a hotel for almost 2 months. I am so happy we found this place to rent. The house is literally 7 houses down from the elementary school. My kiddo is never late to school. If I run, I can make it to school in 2 mins. walking by myself, 5-6min. Walking with my kiddo is 10mins. Our garage is in the back. The garage driveway fits 2 cars. There us almost a lot of parking on the street. Only 1-2 people park on the street, so there is plenty of room. The public bus stops at the corner. The high school bus stops across the street at the corner. We are close to stores and restaurants. Many people who rent and buy here are military. The school is good. My kiddo loves. I like the teachers. The backyard patio is great. My kids loves to draw with chalk, ride their bikes, and play in the alley. There is enough room for a swimming pool during summer. I love the Hardwood floors downstairs. It's super easy to clean. This home is nice and cozy, it was a great home for my babies to grow into toddlers. This neighborhood is great for holidays. Everyone does Halloween. We only went down 2 streets but my kiddos came home with 2 gallons of candy. They block off Flute street every year for a church to set up a trunk or treat. They also set up a free photoshoot. They email us the picture after Halloween. There is a mini park on Inlay and a huge park not too far. It took my kiddos 30 minutes to walk to the huge park. It takes 10-5 minutes to walk to the mini park. There a trail not too far either.

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