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508 McCauley Street, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

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September 2, 2015
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Do not rent from Showchien Hsieh! She has repeatedly been in trouble for breaking the law and renting to more tenants than she is allowed to. The house was dirty when we moved in and we had to repeatedly call to get anything fixed. The dishwasher was broken when we moved in and so dirty inside that it smelled. It took 4 trips for it to get fixed, because she refuses to pay people to do the work so her handyman friend does it and has no idea what he is doing. He put the handle of the toilet on backwards. When our house was broken into, it took nearly 3 full days (after it was kicked in) for her to get us a new door. We had to stay in an unsafe house right after it was broken into for 3 nights. She also tried to retain a portion of our deposit for things left behind that were there when we moved in as well as damage that had already occurred prior to us moving in. On top of all of this she repeatedly stropped by unannounced and I would not be surprised if she came into the house while we were at work as she would stop by to "ask a question" at times she knew we were typically at work.

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