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511 Chapel Street, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

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October 25, 2019
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We were warned before we moved in, that our landlord was difficult. But the house and location were so perfect, we foolishly ignored our real estate friend.

Less than 2 months after we moved in, the landlord told us he would be showing the house if we did not agree to renew are lease. A bit odd, considering we found the house only a month or so before we moved in. He then showed the house 5 times within a month. We were never given 24 hours notice. Once we had as little as 2 hours notice. I found this very concerning because when we were shown the house, he let us go in and look around while he stayed on the porch. I was concerned about strangers wandering unsupervised through our home. When I complained about the lack of notice after the first visit, he said we had no right to have any notice.

We filled out a very detailed checklist (provided by landlord, with pictures) of things that weren't right when we moved in. Several things were never fixed, like the ceiling fans in our bedroom and living room.

In addition, our landlord kept part of our deposit for several things we listed on the checklist when we moved in. Landlord required us to pay by check. But when it came time to get our deposit back, he required us to click on a link he emailed us and to fill in banking details online. And he would not give us an itemized list of how much he deducted for each item damaged. We could either accept the unknown amount he sent us, or lump it. By the time we finished discussing it, and I gave in the link had expired. It is now 2 months later, and he has still not resent the link. It has been over 3 months since we moved out.

There were a few other odd but comparatively minor items... The house had no window screens and our landlord said he would not install any. The bathroom, I kid you not, had an official metal sign above the toilet that said "Please do not flush sanitary napkins or other personal hygiene products." Our landlord insisted that we not allow our neighbors to use out bike post, and wanted us to call him when they did. He covered the switches to the porchlights and installed light-sensitive floodlights. Which were extremely bright. At least twice, our landlord came to our house to do exterior maintenance and did not do us the courtesy of letting us know he was there. On one instance, I opened my kitchen door to investigate an odd noise, Mark was on our back deck changing a lightbulb out. It was after 9pm. Needless to say, it was pretty creepy. Especially as we had our blinds open, The windows were high enough up that one couldn't see in. Unless, you were skulking about on our back deck, of course...

The property itself was mostly nice. But the parking area that was supposed to be for two cars could only fit one. And we did not realize that when we moved in the neighbors would be so loud. There were regular parties. Not just on weekends, but also anytime UNC Chapel HIll had a basketball game. It was extremely loud and I was forever picking up red SOLO cups in our yard. I also found people leaning against my car and smoking several times. Oh, and they played football in our street, which was cute. But not so nice when the ball hit my car.

Also, minor detail, if you are thinking about this place... The deck is LOVELY, But, the trees around it are pecans. So, sometime between late August and early October you will not be able to go outside. Those nuts hurt when they drop!

Overall, our landlord, was unresponsive as soon as we signed the lease. We rarely saw him when we wanted something fixed, but saw him more than we liked at random times. Any complaints we had, he dismissed in a condescending manner. I hate to use the term "mansplaining," but it applies. And he still owes us money. :)

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