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521 Iris Road, Casselberry, FL, USA

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January 12, 2018
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To save you time in reading the details below here is a summary: Do not rent from Invitation Homes.
We have been living in an Invitation Home for almost 6 months. When we did our initial walk-through, we noted problems with the plumbing (including leaks, black water in the toilets, and issues setting up our washer). A plumber did come and fixed the black water (apparently pipes had rotted or rusted) but the other problems remained. Not long after moving in we realized that any time we did dishes the laundry room would flood. Not just dishwater, but black and foul-smelling water. We phone maintenance and set up a time. My husband took off work for the maintenance men but they never showed. What followed was months of back and forth with them offering us unreasonable times and not working with us to solve the problem. They kept referring to it simply as a “clog”, despite my husband telling them in detail the issue.
But we are passive people, we figured we would make the best of it. We had to take our laundry to the laundromat because we couldn’t hook up our washer even though the house advertised washer and dryer hook-ups. Eventually we couldn’t afford to keep going to the laundromat and put the water pipe out the window so we could do some laundry in the house which resulted in soapy water running into our yard. We couldn’t keep that up so back to the laundromat and more money even though we had a perfectly good washer and dryer. More calls to maintenance just resulted in a run-around.
Then came the coldest weeks of the year and our heat broke. It got to be 46 degrees in our house. We called and told them it was an emergency. They sent out one of their maintenance men (after a struggle about when to come) and my husband had to take another day off of work. Although he was very nice he apparently messed with the wiring and the heating was not repaired. I called the office and told them. We had to wait even longer for another person to come in and fix the problem again. All the while living off of a single space-heater in a 46-degree house. It literally took them over 4 visits across 3 weeks to finally complete the problem. All the while we have been waiting to get our pipes fixed so we can do dishes and wash our clothes and to have the foul-smelling standing water in our laundry room taken care of.
Contractors the company hired to come and look at the issues have found that A.) When the AC was installed initially it was installed incorrectly, B.) Our breaker box was incorrectly installed and had to be repaired, C.) Not only are we not able to hook up our washer as advertised but some of the pipes are completely missing or sealed over- meaning whoever tried to ‘fix’ them or remodel them before messed up.
Our living conditions are completely and utterly unacceptable. We have reached out to the company several times asking for help or a solution and all we have gotten was them telling us how they understand how we are upset and that they are sorry. No one has offered a genuine solution, or to refund us money for all the money we are losing on this house, or even a decent apology. When we tried to resolve this ourselves people literally avoided our calls, refused to call us back, or kept saying that the person we wanted to talk to and were working with was in a meeting or at lunch. My husband and I called at 2 separate times (11am and 2:15pm) on the same day and both of us were told the property manager was at lunch and couldn’t talk to us. Every other time they were in a meeting or out of the office.
We are seeking legal action against them now and have hired a lawyer and have alerted the Better Business Bureau and the Health Department.

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