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5507 Cape Hatteras Drive, Clermont, FL, USA

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August 12, 2017
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I’m just here to provide anyone interested in this property information on my experience with this landlord.

I rented the property for 3 years and 3 months. I would label myself as self sufficient, and you must be as well if you are going to rent this property. Because for the 3 years not once when I dialed the landlord’s husbands telephone number has he ever answered. If I texted what my issue was I may or may not have received a call back in 3-5 days. I took care of a few issues that the Landlord was supposed to take care of that were small and manageable. But for the heavy hitting things like the water leak I had once it took almost 3 days for the landlord’s husband to get back to me and send out a plumber. That costs me $700 to which the landlord’s husband offered and forgot to pay $50 towards.

Lastly and most important to me was the security deposit of $1600.00. I moved out on June 6, 2017 and waited until July 15, 2017 to inquire about my security deposit (via text of course). No response. Email, no response. Phone call, no answer. Finally I decide to contact the landlord because after all I did make out 39 checks payable to her name. She did respond via email and stated that she will pass the information on to her husband.

So consider yourself informed and if you still want to live here, then you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Your security deposit is a donation to this landlord and/or her husband, I don’t know, but I still have not got mines back.