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57 North Street, Geneseo, NY, USA

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October 12, 2017
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Honestly, the Landlord is one of the best in Geneseo as far as I am concerned. He let us move in early, let us keep our stuff there over the summer, and is always really quick to respond to us regarding repairs or issues with the house. The apartment is a duplex, with three people per side, so I can only talk about our side, but if the other is like ours, they're pretty well off. Rooms are massive (smallest is twice the size of an on-campus dorm room), one and a half bathrooms, kitchen with plenty of storage and counter space for the three people who live there. Rent is a bit pricey (3000 for semester, and all utilities sans internet) but its not bad when you consider you don't have to worry about paying for them, and you can use as much heat/water as you want to. Also washers and driers are not coin operated. Neighbors are nice and quiet (professors live on two of the three sides) and since we don't party at all in our house, I love it. All around perfect place to live, supervised by a great landlord.

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