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6 Greenwich Avenue, Ottawa, ON, Canada

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September 29, 2018
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The house itself is not awful. Decent size rooms and enough washrooms. Its noticeably old with the circuits shorting and the bathrooms grime being ingrained, the walls are also VERY thin so you will hear if a roommate is talking anywhere in the house. But these issues are manageable. The landlord is NOT. Though initially coming off as an innocent young father, he is extremely unprofessional and does not care about your safety if it means spending any money. Will try to fix things himself that he has no training to do, but only after being asked to several times as he is reluctant to do even the basics of his responsibilities as a landlord. Wouldnt change the door that had sealed us in at one point it the winter when it got cold, tried and failed to fix it himself three times. Will ignore any messages he doesnt like; i.e. you request something he doesnt want to give you, make a complaint about the house, ask a question he doesnt want to answer etc. He will passive aggressively email you entire house to essentially tell you to stop bothering him because your statements are invalid. Overall one of the most unprofessional people I have ever met. Would certainly STAY AWAY.

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