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September 9, 2015
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I am writing because I want to warn interested tenants about this building, but most of all about Persaud Properties. I had a 8 months lease and I was so glad I didn't stick around for a minute longer.

At first sight, the apartment looked great. It was remodeled, on the third floor and the landlord was extremely present when it came to signing the lease and for the following two weeks.

RIGHT AFTER signing the contract Mr Persaud warned me that my neighbor was known for playing extremely loud music at night, but to let him know if it ever happened because he was on his last strike. Fair enough, I thought, every building has a rude tenant once in a while.
The third night I spent in the apartment the music was so loud that my walls were trembling and the only way the neighbors were able to make the music stop was by shutting off the entire power supply OF THE BUILDING. Apparently they were experienced. Apparently it had been his last strike for months. But I put my foot down and the neighbor was finally evicted. After A MONTH of waking up at 3am.
Horrible tenant out, I thought everything was solved. Aside from a few delays the landlord seemed to manage it pretty quickly.

And here's where things started to get really bad:

I stayed in Apt 11 from October to June, so pretty much all winter and spring and I had the most terrible experience.

Let me start by saying that in my apartment there was a thermostat and and A/C. None of them turned out to be working/adjustable and the temperature had to be the one set by the building. I spent nights either freezing with my parka under piles of comforters or evenings sweating unbelievably and barely able to breathe. Made the landlord aware, and aside from a few "yes, sure" answers nothing ever happened.

In December all of a sudden the kitchen sink exploded in my face. Apparently for a defect in the pipes pressure.
The water filled my apartment, it was going out full pressure and there was no way to stop it (since the valves under it turned out to be broken too). I had a neighbor helping me out with buckets because it was dripping in the lower apartment.
The worst part about all of this? I was calling the landlord, the business and what turned out to be a fictitious maintenance number and NO ONE ever responded. FOR HOURS. Until my apartment and my belongings were soaked.
Now, you know Minnesota winters, I couldn't just open the windows to dry out everything.
That caused the humidity to stick to the furniture and kitchen (wooden) cabinets and a horrible smell to fill my apartment for the following months. After finally reaching the landlord, I was able to get him to send a plumber (a full day later - you can imagine what that would've meant if I hadn't been able to stop the water by myself) who installed a "temporary" sink that, quoting the expert "had to be replaced asap". When I moved out six months later it was still there.

I'll spare the details of how the wet wood became a comfy home for a cockroach or two.

I could go on and on about how many problems I had in that apartment and Persaud Properties, but I'll just list a few more things:

- The landlord and the business were NEVER contactable. They never answered and the voice mail was always full so you couldn't even leave messages. I probably was called back 1 out of 10 times, and only when I sounded extremely pissed.

- All the minor things that needed reparation (broken locks, lights, cabinets) NEVER were touched. I have written messages about the landlord promising to stop by in a couple days to fix them that never happened.

- I stayed a full week without warm water. In January. I had to boil water to take baths. Yes it got fixed, but Mr Persaud never replied to my complaints straight forward or apologized.

- The Laundry room broke in November. By June it was still broken and it probably still is.

- The area can either be very nice or very shady. Yes it's closed to uptown, but past Garfield there were always sirens going off. I once had a mugshot posted on my door.

- Always took me weeks if not months to contact the business but somehow my rent was drawn on perfect timing every month.


It's basically on Lyndale. It has a minor parking area and it's close to the bus stop and uptown. Period.

Don't fall for this building. But most of all NEVER RENT WITH PERSAUD PROPERTIES.

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