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6102 Amber Pass, Austin, TX, USA

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February 10, 2013
Management Company/Landlord
Building/Apartment Maintenance

I ought to have known upon move in that there would be issues. The front door did not close properly and there were many other problems inside the house as well. From interior doors not closing to electrical components not properly installed. I was eager to move in however, and I did. And I paid the price.

Code Enforcement came at least three times and reported numerous violations over the course of nine months. Repairs were slow to be made and often times I would awaken to people in the house or on the grounds making repairs or taking measurements.

In total, the police had been called I believe 3-4 times and we went to court once and are now scheduled to go again. Since I moved out a couple months ago, they have completely renovated the property and are looking to sell it. One major problem I do not think they have fixed is the foundation itself. Perhaps they hope for an unsuspecting buyer as they received an unsuspected renter (me).