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6240 North 10th Street, Phoenix, AZ, USA

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April 15, 2018
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Decent place with two car garage
Landlord is a scumbag though, would not fix bathroom faucet even though it was leaking for months and we could only use hot water
When ac went out during the summer would refuse to call a professional to fix it until he could come over to look at it so we spent most of the day in the heat of over 100 then of course because he knows nothing about ac had to call a tech late at night so we couldn’t get it fixed until the previous night and couldn’t sleep in the house because it was so hot.
Plumbing has some issues and when the shower would fill with water getting a plumber out took the landlord several days and he acted like it was a great favor he was doing for us when he eventually did. When we moved in he had left the place pretty dirty from the previous tenant which he apologized for but after we moved out we hired a professional cleaning crew to go over the place because he said if it wasn’t sufficiently cleaned he would charge us $200 to clean it. Now he is still trying to keep our deposit because he is saying they didn’t do a good enough job.

Cool spot in nice neighborhood in fact we moved just down the street because we like the neighborhood so much but not worth renting from this landlord he is cheap drops by without notice because he lives down the street and is your classic slumlord.

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