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6265 Aster Street, Springfield, OR, USA

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February 13, 2013
Management Company/Landlord
Building/Apartment Maintenance

The townhouse we moved into was surprisingly nice for the price. Really, it looked brand new.
We were very excited to finally be in a house & not an apartment.
A month into our tenancy, our washing machine stopped working. We notified the landlord, who had a repairman come & diagnose the problem.
However, Mr. Black(owner) didn't fix the issue. He wanted me to pay for the repairs since he implied we broke it. Per the repair man, this was normal wear & tear. Mr. Black countered by saying he had just bought the washing machine a few years before that.
His logic was that since it was fairly new that it couldn't have been normal wear & tear & therefore must be our fault & our responsibility.
So, it could have been an issue initiated by the use of the previous tenants but since the machine happened to break while I was the tenant, I'm the person who gets stuck with the bill. (Remember, we had only lived there 1 month.)
Mr. Black was very poor in returning phone calls & letters. He is also very difficult to deal with personality-wise.
We ended up giving notice as soon as we discovered he was not going to fix the washing machine. He had us live there the next 30 days without the use of the washing machine despite numerous requests to fix it.
He ended up billing us over $300 for the repair after we moved out.

Later I found out that the neighbors had the exact same experience. Both sides of his townhouse vacated within the same week for the same reasons.